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Gift Wrapping | Harahan, LA

Gift Mailing and Shipping Services in Harahan, LA

We pack and ship your gifts with the same care that family would. Better, because we're experienced packers and shippers!

Although we don't presently offer Gift Wrapping, we know how to take a gift or family heirloom and get it safely to its destination. We also offer options -- including the postal service, UPS, and FedEx, so you don't have to take the shipping rate or timeframe that you'd be offered at the Post Office or a mailing place that is tied exclusively to one shipper. Most of all, we pack and ship with care. We have bubble wrap, peanuts, paper, and all sorts of padding to be sure the package gets there as mailed. And we have a huge variety of custom box sizes to choose from, all at affordable prices. We can use carrier-branded containers when that's the best option for you, but we are not limited to their cookie cutters either. You can also add a gift card from our selection.

If you want your gifts and family treasures to get there right, and affordably, come to Mailbox Express for all of your shipping needs in Harahan, LA.

We stock a variety of:

  • standard boxes in many sizes
  • custom boxes
  • carrier-branded packaging
  • bubble wrap and paper
  • peanuts you're not allergic to
  • gift cards for all occasions

Bring us your gifts to Mailbox Express and we’ll give you lots of options -- then YOU choose how  and when to get it there.

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